Saturday, February 5, 2011

taakachi kadhi.......

Take buttermilk and mix besan floor in it. We ususally use 1-1.5 spoons of besan for a 250 ml. of buttermilk. Then take some oil in a pan. Put mustartd seeds and allow them to pop. Then add hing, kadi patta and green chillis in it. Add some turmeric. Pour the besan mixed buttermilk in it and stir. Add salt and sugar to taste as well as some fresh ginger. Boil till the besan cooks and your kadhi is somewhat viscous. Garnish it with chopped corriander if you like.

but I would like mention..instead of adding whole ginger and chillies to this dish for TaDAKA...U SHOULD GRIND IT...2-3 GREEn chillies,1small pc of ginger, and 2 tsp of Jeera with some coriander leaves..just grind it and fry it after adding mohari,hing,kadipatta and turmeric...just fry it well and then add buttermilk with besan mixture..after boiling add Salt and sugar to taste..

If u like sugar in this receipe ...instead of sugar u can use little Jaggery(gul) for taste..

and one more thing..instead of oil..if u like use ghee..the taste will b different..

taakat kivha saayichya dahyaat gool ghalun jaast val theu naye. as mi lahaanpani aikal hot. vishaari hot te. takaala besan laavataana aadhi eka vaatil thodyaa paanyat gholun ghyave, mhanje besanaachya guThalyaa hot naahit.


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