Friday, February 4, 2011

मलगटानी सूप!

dry roast-dhane, jeere,methi4-5 grains,badi shoap,dalchini. grind it into fine powder.

In a deep gridle, 2 tb sp oil, tyat ginger-garlic paste,1 small finely chopped onion add karun 2 mins partava. nantar tyat carrot ani barik chirlela tomato ghalun partava. tyat Masuur daal sadharan 1/2 vaati dhuvun ghalavi aani meeth, dry roasted masala powder veg stock or water ghalun daal shijeparyanta chagle ukalavave. gaar zalyavar blend it in the mixer. add water if necessary. add little sugar if you like it.
To serve, make it hot again and add little coconut water,lime juice.(in traditional soup,they add little cooked rice just 1-2 tsp)


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